Balance and Precision

from by Dan Florio



Beneath the shade of the cityscape
An old man sits along a path around a lake
His canvas woven from linen thread
His palette covered from end to end

A steady stare, brush in hand
He paints his own impression of the water and land
His tired eyes straining hard to see
While calloused hands craft a masterpiece

Not a word is spoken
His worries far away

A distant growl of thunder sounds
Threatening the peaceful scene with rolling clouds
But he remains undisturbed by change
And calmly adds a touch of grey

Not a word is spoken
His worries far away


from Malleability, released August 11, 2014
Dan Florio: Vocals, guitars, mandolin, ukulele, bass, keyboard, percussion



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Dan Florio Norwalk, Connecticut

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